Poem #1 - 10 Day Poetry Blog Challenge

Inspired by this photo, taken by yours truly. Cheers to great friendship, a birthday prose I wrote to my dear friend. The Jada to my Tupac.

For the one who has traveled across the world. She comes back every time and speaks with joy.

It warms my heart and as her eyes light up the curiosity simmers. She embodies boldness.

She flows with the water, a river of overwhelming love. The trail of tears that strike her cheek softly as she is reminded of her love.

Grace. She is sufficient. She is independent. She is love.

Days pass by without the sound of her voice, but I am content. She places me in a special part in her heart.

If only she knew how deeply she mattered to me. You do it all with regal grace. To the friend that the world can never replace. You are my heart in human form.


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