Official Personal Mission Statement - I am a Creative Entrepreneur

It has been a long time coming and it will likely change. However, here it is the official personal mission statement. I hope this resonates with you all.

Mission statement (my why) - "Tanaka Tava empowers underrepresented groups to achieve generational wealth through authentic self-expression."

Brand archetypes too:

My top three were Jester, Everyman and Creator

Jester: Fun-loving, Joyful, Optimistic

Everyman: Friendly, Humble, Authentic

Creator: Inspirational, Daring, Provocative


Using the vehicles of creativity and storytelling via multimedia formats, the aim is to build genuine connection among my community to share a message of defining wealth in their own terms. Specifically for teenagers and young adults of color (black, brown, latinx, etc).


* Speaking to people of color about their stories to be heard.

* Talking to 15-25 years old about investing in themselves and tactics around building wealth via micro-investing, the power of the dollar.

* Talking to audience on what it means to be themselves, not giving a damn and living life on their terms that is beneficial to living their dreams.

* Sharing stories for others to be motivated and inspired to MOVE on what they have inside of them.

* Creating content that hits and showcases different perspectives to challenge a previous way of thinking.

* Understanding the nuances of diversity and inclusion, that creates equitable change in the certain rooms so the ones who aren't represented well now have a voice.

* Creating a community of young creatives to equip themselves with knowledge on ownership (IP, Trademarking, Connections, etc.)

This all stems from the fact that I am a creative at heart: as an aspiring actor and chairman of a production studio I leave you with this. See you at the top soon!

Blast off!

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