Poem #2 - 10 Day Poetry Blog Challenge

Magnificent. Erudite. Gallant

These are the words that run through my mind when I allow your name to come from my lips.

To the one who stands with purpose and fire. My heart burns with reverence.

By the stripes you are healed and the voice that makes the world tremble. The actions of justice and mercy is her walk. Each step she takes.

As she flips the pages in the books, her aura radiates. She is an unstoppable force. Many confuse her passion for anger. She walks with the shamed. She is destined for the good walk, not one of fame.

Each time I interact with you, my love grows fonder. The mind, the body, the soul. We connect. Connecting in a deeper way that sex couldn't even imitate what we have.

I'm so fond of you. The feelings I get, the rush of pure friendship with ease. Authenticity, vulnerability, relatability.

She is my sister. I would date her. I know I love her. God placed her.

She is my friend.

She is M.E.G

Magnificent. Erudite. Gallant.

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