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A Source of Light

 Tanaka Tava empowers underrepresented groups to achieve generational wealth through authentic self-expression.

Tanaka is the Founder & Lead Creator of Tava Multimedia Group LLC, an internet production company that produces inspirational and intellectually engaging content that adds value across the globe with a fresh perspective.  An actor, author, podcast host, fashion designer and keynote speaker - safe to say he wears a lot of hats.


In addition, Tanaka is the Co-Founder and Chief Information Officer of Videloo, LLC. A brand new social network debuting Summer 2021.

He's a keynote speaker who uses his unique background and experiences to bring leaders, students and peers alike to discuss the wonders and endless possibilities of the world.

Zimbabwean-bred and Texas raised, Tanaka, is a 1st generation Baylor University student currently majoring in Theatre Arts (B.A) with an Entrepreneurship Minor.

With the drive to empower communities, his main impact is rooted in elevating the standard of collaboration, garnering innovation and providing social impact in order to create opportunities for diverse population groups.

Empowered with a dream and visionary pursuits, Tanaka's passion for providing domestic and global impact is inspiring.

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